It’s no secret that there’s been some beef between Meek Mill and Drake. Though the two rivals have blasted one another in various songs, the specific reason behind their big fallout has relatively been left unexplained — until now.

According to Mill, this whole mess started when Drake failed to show up to one of his concerts. That’s right: This year-long feud came about over one man ghosting another. Oh, the humanity!

“We kinda had a relationship. I haven’t seen him since I came home,” Mill said on the Tax Season podcast, explaining that Drizzy didn’t reach out to him after he was released from prison. “I had a show in Philly. He was supposed to come to my show. They said they don’t know about it … I had this shit set up for four months. The day of, nobody comes through and call me so I’m just backstage looking like a fraud to everybody I told.”

When asked if he’ll ever settle the feud, Mill said, “Yeah, we don’t got no real problem. We don’t have no real problem.”

Admitting that Drake’s diss track, “Back to Back,” was “a hot record,” Mill went as so far as to say that the Canadian emcee’s insult about his girlfriend Nicki Minaj being the more successful rapper was more of a compliment than anything else.

“Is it a bad thing that I have a go-getter as my lady?” Mill, who opened for Minaj on her most recent tour, mused. “Yeah, I’m on my girl tour. We getting right every night … She’s probably making like 450 or some shit like that. It’s lit. I didn’t think it was a bad thing.”



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