Seeing as we’re exactly two weeks away from the Teen Wolf Season 6 premiere, we’re in full-on remembrance — and sobbing — mode.

While acceptance is kinda-sorta starting to sink in that this is indeed the final season, we can’t help but reminisce on what we’ve loved the most about the popular MTV series — and its completely and utterly unforgettable characters. Such as:

  1. The diverse Teen Wolf pack

    While folks have come and gone throughout the hallowed halls of Beacon Hills High School, one constant has been Scott’s unforgettable pack. We’ve lost a few and gained others, but each member has brought unparalleled strength beyond Teen Wolf staples Scott, Stiles and Lydia. Who could forget Allison’s life-risking fight for justice? Or Malia’s unwavering bravery? How about Kira’s fierce determination? Not to mention Liam, Hayden, Derek, Isaac, Ethan and Aiden? We’ve loved them all, and we will absolutely miss them all.

  2. Sciles, the twosome to trump all twosomes

    Aside from that major Season 5 fallout (we blame Theo), Scott and Stiles have been nothing short of brothers. Remember Stiles’ heart-wrenching Season 3 speech? We cried all the tears. Not only have the two helped each other out of numerous near-death experiences, but they’ve supported one another through thick and thin and brought a few laughs along the way — and we expect Season 6 to be no exception.

  3. Lydia’s powerful mama bear instincts

    She’s a badass of epic proportions, and that runs beyond her supernatural banshee instincts — though let’s be honest, they damn sure come in handy. She will stop at nothing to protect her friends, even if that means being locked up in an insane asylum for the better part of an entire season.

  4. The emotional roller coaster known as Stiles

    Stiles quickly traded his sidekick status for series fan favorite, in part because he consistently wears his heart on his sleeve. And rightfully so — he’s been through a lot throughout the last few years. Despite almost losing his dad (more than once), saving everyone’s asses (more than once), being possessed by an evil spirit and getting rejected multiple times by one Lydia Martin, the BHHS senior continues to forge forward in Scott’s pack on his own accord. Talk about strength.

  5. Melissa McCall & Sheriff Stilinksi

    Parents of the Year Award, right here! Scott’s mom and Stiles’ dad have kept their supernatural secrets safe for the better part of a few seasons and risked their lives in the process. There’s also been a bit of flirting between the two — we’d totes be lying if we said we weren’t secretly hoping for a Melinski romance.

  6. The all-knowing Dr. Alan Deaton

    Far more than just a veterinarian, Dr. Deaton has become a beacon of hope throughout Teen Wolf, guiding and mentoring Scott and Co. through battle after battle. A former druid emissary for the Hale family, Deaton, too, has risked his life for the BHHS students, and there’s no way we could ever forget his calming voice of reason.

What will YOU miss the most about Teen Wolf? Sound off, and be sure to join us for the Season 6 premiere on Tuesday, November 15 at 9/8c.


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