Daniel Bryan hoped that he could make a return to the WWE.

On this Wednesday’s Total Bellas, Bryan asks Brie Bella if there’s a chance he could get back in the ring.

“There’s still a small chance that that test was an anomaly, right?” Bryan asks Brie about the test that revealed he can’t wrestle again.

“Bryan they gave you one percent chance,” Brie replies. “Do you really feel that there’s a chance it could be wrong?”

“I mean I’m not saying I’m coming back, but if there’s a chance, there’s a chance, right?” Bryan asks.

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Brie explains that he’s been to a lot of doctors and she supports him but she thinks he needs to look at the larger picture.

“If it wasn’t your health then I wouldn’t care, but it’s serious,” Brie says. “And your health is so important to me.”

Brie continues, “Think of everything you’ve accomplished in wrestling.”

“That’s all happened before,” Bryan says. “That’s saying, you can’t do what you love to do from now until forever.”

A very upset Bryan then bursts into tears as Brie hugs him and tells him, “I’m so sorry.”

Watch Bryan and Brie talk about his health and his career in the heartbreaking clip above!

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