This year, Gwen Stefani was included in Glamour’s Women of the Year issue for December. The blonde bombshell sat down with the fashion mag to discuss the honor and the multitude of changes she’s facing in 2016.

“When I was in the studio for This Is What the Truth Feels Like, it was like, I need to be here right now. This is the only place I feel good. It doesn’t matter what comes out of this, as far as my career—this isn’t about a hit. It’s about saving my life,” Stefani said of recording her latest album while dealing with her divorce from Gavin Rossdale. “And it was interesting, because I know you’re going to ask me about Blake [Shelton], but finding somebody who was going through the exact same experience? That was an inspiration.”

During the interview, the 47-year-old performer was also asked about the feelings that bubbled up upon deciding to officially end her 13-year union.

“I had to work really hard at marriage, all the time, like everybody, but ours was extra hard, when you add that we’re from different countries, both of us being in music, and celebrity,” she continued. “[Marriage] was the one thing I didn’t want to fail at. People can say whatever they want to about me… and I don’t get too affected. But I didn’t want them to think I was a failure.”

As for her new romance, Stefani said that despite the enormous differences in their backgrounds, she and Shelton thrive on basic and important things they share.

“It’s definitely two different cultures. But there are many similarities, in things that we love and our ­morals. But it’s really fun when you can learn about so many new things and share those differences.”

Glamour Women of the Year 2016


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