There’s a reason why Ian Somerhalder isn’t a dad… yet. According to The Vampire Diaries star, who is currently preparing for the final season of his hit The CW show, he won’t start a family with Nikki Reed until he’s done his post as Damon Salvatore on the supernatural series.

When E! News asked if he plans on having babies with his wife of one year, the actor enthusiastically replies, “Absolutely! I can’t wait.”

“But with this schedule, living on a television show, it’s a bit difficult,” he adds.

For Somerhalder, he’s been more focused on his TV family for the last seven years. As The Vampire Diaries slowly comes to an end, the 37-year-old admits it’s been a very emotional ride as the cast films the final season.

He says, “You develop these family dynamics here and in this particular situation, once this does end and we yell ‘cut’ on the last scene on the last set up of the last episode, what will be the most difficult is when the family breaks up.”

The Season 8 premiere of The Vampire Diaries is slated to air on Oct. 21. Along with Somerhalder, his ex-girlfriend and former co-star, Nina Dobrev, will be returning for a final farewell. Buckle up, people!

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