Justin Theroux was cast (rather suddenly) in Duncan Jones’ new film Mute last month. Theroux is back to being an actor for hire, having finished filming on The Leftovers’ final season, so it’s no surprise that he’s trying to hustle some more film work. Mute sounds like an interesting project too. But! Justin had to fly to Berlin to start work on it right away. He’s been in Berlin for a few weeks, and the tabloids have been making a big deal about how Justin and Jennifer Aniston are spending even more time apart these days.

Still, Justin Theroux is on message. Justin has been on his Instagram, posting images of street art and graffiti he sees in Berlin. He posted this image of some Berlin graffiti over the weekend:

Do you see it? On the right side of the image, adjacent to the woman’s cheek, it’s there. “F-CK BRAD PITT.” Brad Pitt is being cited as one of the many things that need to f—k off, apparently, along with war, politics, racism, cocaine, imperialism, taxes, NSA, Facebook, nukes and pickles. Obviously, Justin’s followers and commenters are going crazy. Do you think he even realized that “Brad Pitt” is in there? Hm… I think he did realize it. And I think he posted it anyway. ANARCHY!

Via www.celebitchy.com

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