Make new friends, and ream the old…

This time last year, we thought it was impossible for Icki Vicki Gunvalson to ever possibly repair her Real Housewives relationships after getting caught lying about her ex-BF Brooks Ayers‘ cancer.

However, the OG of the OC managed to squeeze one final season out of Andy Cohen… but judging by Monday night’s Orange County finale, we think it may actually be her last!

That’s because after an entire season of non-apologies, Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, and Shannon Beador finally let Vicki know what they truly think of her — and it was HARSH, to say the least.

Of the three, Heather was the least vicious, calmly wiping her hands of all things Gunvalson, telling the camera:

“I absolutely believe that people are allowed to make mistakes and move on, be forgiven. But sometimes relationships aren’t salvageable. Sometimes it is time to part ways with someone. I’ve seen who they both are by this point. People teach you who they are — they’ve taught me, I get it. I’m good.”

Preach, Heath!

Next up was Shannon, and she was even meaner… but for good reason!

Following last week’s domestic abuse allegations from Vicki, Shannon echoed her own season-long sentiments by calling Vicki “garbage,” saying:

“[Vicki] was never apologetic at all for what she said — neither of them were. This was a year of creating friendships that will last a lifetime, and also taking out the garbage… I’m pretty much ready to move on and close this chapter.”

That’s gotta sting…

Last but certainly not least, Tamra gave her former friend one last chance to make amends for all her wrong doings — and Vicki pretty much torched that olive branch.

Luckily for the Cut Fitness instructor, it didn’t seem like Vicki’s inability to admit she was at fault affected her any longer:

“I’ve learned that you have people who come into your life for a reason, and people who come into your life for a season. Sometimes you have to just let people go — you can’t change them. You can only tell them how you feel and hope that they understand that when you hurt somebody, they’re going to walk away. Because I can’t be around it anymore. After everything Vicki’s done to everybody for so many years, she needs to realize her friends don’t want to be her friends anymore.”

Very fair!

But wait, there’s more…

“Vicki, you understand that repeating a rumor is the same as telling it? It’s gossip — it’s not true. You continuously talk about people and it’s got to stop. You’re spreading vicious lies. You’re saying that David [Beador] beats Shannon. It’s a disgusting, vicious lie. You’re a b*tch.
I’m done — I feel so good about it, that b*tch. I’m sorry — I wish her the best, but I’m done.”


Meghan King Edmonds similarly didn’t want to be her friend either, but at least she doesn’t hate her, right?

Also, Kelly Dodd may or may not have been there too…

Do U think Season 11 is really the last we’ll see of Vicki Gunvalson??

Ch-ch-check out the highlight of Monday night’s RHOC Season Finale (below)!!!


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