Nearly a decade ago, the world was properly introduced to Sam in Trick ‘r Treat, the live-action follow up to director Michael Dougherty‘s ’90s short, Season’s Greetings. The main villain — or antihero, depending on your point of view — was Sam, a “child” in a pumpkin costume who wound his way into all five of the film’s connected stories.

Sam was definitely not what he seemed, going from an adorable trick-or-treater to a demon-pumpkin villain by the end of the film. Of course, it’s easy to forget that an actual child was dressed up as Sam, since you never actually saw the actor. But Quinn Lord played both Sam and Peeping Tommy, the little Peeping Tom who spied on the (werewolf) girls in the dressing room.

  • Lord went from this …

  • … and grew up into this.

He’s now 17 years old and currently plays Thomas Smith on The Man in the High Castle. Though he’s best known for his work in Trick ‘r Treat, he’s been in tons of projects before and after donning the burlap sack, including Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, and The 100 — and he also hung out with Kevin Smith at Canada’s Comic Con and played plenty of Pokémon Go.

For Halloween, Lord shared this hilarious behind-the-scenes pic of him flipping off the camera while dressed as Sam, which is so something Sam himself would do. And Lord’s adorable throwback video from set really takes the pumpkin-shaped lollipop for hilarious vids.



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