This is so very not okay. Lena Dunham drew some ire after posting a quiz in the New Yorker entitled Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz that encouraged the reader to guess whether the statements written were about her dog or Jewish boyfriend, fun.’s lead guitarist Jack Antonoff. Lena Dunham Got Scandal-ized! ] So, yeah… equating Jewish people with dogs is something that actually happened in 2015. Yikes. Prepare to be shocked, because here are some of the statements: “He doesn’t tip, and he never brings … read more

What do some of America’s biggest comedians think about Jon Stewart leaving “The Daily Show”? When Stewart hosted the taping of Comedy Central’s fifth “Night Of Too Many Stars” recently, comics opened up about his decision to leave his longtime post and spend more time with his family. The biennial event benefits autism. Some comedians on the red carpet for the event’s taping Feb. 28 disagreed on just how many stars is “too many” — “Weird Al” landed on a firm “85” while Sarah Silverman settled … read more

What am I going to do with you, Sundance? For weeks, I studied your intricate grid schedule and carefully plotted out my day of screenings based on which films would get the most buzz. A post-apocalyptic love triangle featuring Margot Robbie, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Chris Pine? Oh yeah, I need to be there. Ryan Reynolds as a slippery gambler? Obviously, a must. So I schlep over to a theater, settle into my perfectly unobstructed aisle seat and watch . . . mediocrity. More disheartening, I immediately … read more

Sarah Silverman is one of the most successful stand-up comedians working today, but it’s her role as a drug-addled, depressed mother in “I Smile Back” that proves she’s more than just funny jokes: she’s also an amazing actor. The film, which debuted at Sundance this year, is a downer. It’s a raw portrayal of a troubled woman who seems to have it all: the loving husband, two adorable children, a beautiful house and the car to match. But within the first two scenes of the film, we see Silverman at … read more

In “Renegade,” ’80s heartthrob Lorenzo Lamas recalls a particularly embarrassing incident with his stepmother, MGM aquatic queen Esther Williams, who was married to his father, Fernando Lamas. When Lorenzo was a struggling young actor, he lived in his father’s garage and was not allowed to use a shower. So he resorted to taking early morning dips in the pool to clean up. The “Falcon Crest” actor says that like most young men, he awoke each morning in an aroused state that would usually … read more

The Comeback’s triumphant comeback is the stuff of fairy-tales. It was canceled in September 2005 after only one short season, but lived on in YouTube snippets and on DVD. And nine years later, it’s getting a rebirth. Tonight. On HBO. The first of eight new episodes. And in case you missed the memo: Here’s why our body hurts from laughing after watching the first five installments.  Naturally, every fan who was ever heartbroken over the loss of a beloved TV show is dying to know the secret formula. … read more

We don’t know whether to laugh or cry at Amy Poehler as an alpaca This handful of A-list stars wants their new video to make you laugh while you learn some important things about the American economy. It’s part of a project spearheaded by Morgan Spurlock — remember him? The guy who got famous for (barely) surviving on nothing but McDonald’s for a month? Then, he was taking on the American obesity epidemic. Now, he’s tackling a new challenge: making economics interesting to young people. To do … read more

Following Chris Pratt and his stellar hosting job on last week’s season premiere of Saturday Night Live could not have been easy for Sarah Silverman. Thing is, Sarah knows exactly how lucky SNL was to have her and she proved it each and every time a quip left that amazingly smart-ass mouth of hers. …and here are tonight’s top stories: COLD OPEN: Naturally, the show kicked off with a terrible cold open to do with President Obama and the drama surrounding ISIS and the secret service. For the sake … read more

Bruce was born to run. Jessica Rae Springsteen was born to ride. Springsteen, along with Tom Selleck’s daughter Hannah and former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg’s daughter Georgina, are among the top equestrians at this weekend’s Longines Los Angeles Masters at the L.A. Convention Center. At stake is a $1 million prize none of them really needs, but what the hay? “I have always wanted to show over here in Los Angeles — the town I was born in,” said the 22-year-old Springsteen with Bruce … read more

SASSY SOUTH PARK The irreverent minds behind South Park have tackled the controversy over the Washington Redskins’ name with a bold new promo. And maybe the best part: The promo aired during a televised Redskins game. As reported by The AV Club, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone pushed cheeky to a new level with their minute-long spot for the show’s upcoming 18th season. Along with the first new episode, the promo takes unerring aim at Redskins’ owner, billionaire Dan Snyder, … read more

When I was a teenager and new to America and comedy, I used to go wherever comics gathered. Back then, anyone could open a stage, because comics weren’t paid. I tried to have some stage time at a showcase at the Hyatt Hotel on Sunset Boulevard and was accompanied by the great comic and my dear friend, George Miller. We were promised a spot, but as the evening wore on, a singer impersonating Jose Feliciano playing a flamenco guitar and another singer were brought on stage ahead of me The emcee got … read more