The father of ATL Falcons running back Tevin Coleman says his son “intends to play” in Denver this weekend … despite concerns over his sickle cell condition. 

Coleman had said he was considering NOT playing against the Broncos this weekend since his condition can be exacerbated in low oxygen, high altitude areas like Mile High Stadium. 

In fact, ex-Steelers safety Ryan Clark — who also has the sickle cell trait — became extremely sick after playing in Denver in 2007 and needed his spleen and gall bladder removed. 

But Coleman’s father, Wister, tells TMZ Sports … he’s been in contact with his son this week and says the current plan is to suit up and play. 

“I don’t think there’s going to be any problems with him playing. He’s never really had a problem and we’re not concerned.”

We asked if Tevin’s condition has ever been an issue — and he told us, “He has gotten exhausted in hot weather, but he always played at a high intensity in little leagues and high school.”

“He played both sides of the ball and he still had the energy to keep playing.”

However, Wister notes his son and the team will keep a close eye on the situation and will take appropriate measures if need be. 


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