Kim Kardashian’s is famous, at least partially, because she’s really “good” at social media. We can argue about what came first, the chicken or the sex tape, but Kim was able to stoke interest in her life and promote herself extensively because of social media. Much like her E! reality show, it’s not that Kim “reveals all” on social media, but she does interact with fans and give a certain degree of accessibility online. This, according to self-proclaimed security experts, was her undoing. This is the “reason” why she was assaulted and robbed: because she was on social media, because she flaunted her wealth online. While I think that rationale is a bunch of crap, it also doesn’t surprise me that sources close to Kim say that she’s re-evaluating her business-as-usual online and in life.

Things are going to change for one of America’s most famous families after Kim Kardashian West‘s terrifying ordeal. A source tells PEOPLE the entire Kardashian-Jenner family “is cutting down on all public appearances for the time being” after Kardashian West, 35, was robbed at gunpoint early Monday morning in Paris.

“This scared everyone,” says the source. “They’re not taking chances …. It was a really scary situation for the entire family and it’s just not worth it to put themselves out there unnecessarily right now.” Another insider tells PEOPLE the star plans on upping her security significantly. “[She will have] a much heavier security team,” says the source. “There will be a focus on security personal who aren’t in traditional clothing. There will be a lot more undercover security.”

And Kardashian West isn’t just going to scale back on public appearances — she’s also likely to pare down her public presence in general, particularly in the way that she approaches social media.

“When something like this happens everything changes,” says the source. “Everything will change. It changes the whole family — how and where they travel. [Kim] will reassess traveling for work and feeling safe.”

The source says the star “has been spending all her time with kids and Kanye” and is trying to keep things “as normal as possible.”

“She’s not ready to talk about anything other than being with family, says the source, who says Kardashian West is “very emotional. She’s barely slept. She’s had no anxiety medication or alcoholic drinks as she doesn’t do any of that stuff. She’s just got comfort from being around her kids and friends. Her best friends rushed to her side yesterday: Jonathan Cheban, Simon Huck and La La Anthony. They have been her rocks and spent the day with her yesterday.”

It’s true, Kim has never been much of a drinker or drug-taker. It wouldn’t surprise me if some doctor does prescribe something for her in the anti-anxiety or sleeping-pill variety, because she really does sound like she’s still really freaked out. While I know she’ll take more precautions and of course she’ll have more security around her family, I also think that her best revenge might be to just live her life the same way she’s been living it. It’s like an act of localized terrorism: don’t give in, don’t change, because then the armed assailants “win” somehow.

Kim posted this just a few days before she was robbed:


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