Riverdale, the forthcoming CW teen drama adapted from the iconic Archie comics, has now inspired its very own comic. Very meta, Archie.

TVGuide.com reports that sometime next year — probably around the TBD premiere of the CW series — Archie Comics will release a 48-page one-shot that will document what happened to Archie Andrews and company before the events of Riverdale. But this is only the starting point. Written by showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (who’s penned two supernatural takes on Archie Comics, Afterlife with Archie and Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures), as well as other writers on Riverdale, the current plan is that the one-shot will kick off an entire series of comics based on the show.

This means that not only will you get your Archie fix on TV, but you’ll also be able to catch up with the Riverdale gang in comics form. Basically, 2017 will be all Riverdale all the time — and we’re not complaining. This is about as close as Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones) will get to becoming a full-fledged anime character.

Based on the characters and town immortalized in the Archie comics, Riverdale has been described as a “bold and subversive” take on the seemingly wholesome town of Riverdale and its teen residents Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Josie — yes, as in Josie and the Pussycats. It may be based on a comic, but there aren’t any superheroes or vampires (not yet, anyway). On Riverdale, Archie Andrews and his friends at Riverdale High are connected by the common struggles of adolescence — oh, and the mysterious death of their friend Jason Blossom. There’s always something.

It’s Twin Peaks meets Gossip Girl, so obviously it’s going to be our new favorite show.

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