Bethenny Frankel

Did you really expect Bethenny Frankel to just idly stand by while reports of her behavior and business plans circulated the Internet? Didn’t think so…

The entrepreneur and Real Housewives star took to Twitter today to address rumors that she recently lost a Sirius XM gig because of her alleged diva behavior, and did so by way of an almost mathematical equation to illustrate her work flow and reasoning for not doing the show.

“Radio show=2-3 hrs/day + 1.5 drive RT,” she wrote. “W my int’l brand, tv prod co,HSN deal, 4+reality tv projects & Bryn. Can’t physically do it. Peace…”

Yeah, it might take you a few times to fully grasp what she’s saying, but props to her for getting the message across in 140 characters or less. Basically, Frankel explains that the time it would take to do the Sirius XM show, along with everything else she’s doing and raising her daughter, there’s just no way.

Reports claimed the satellite radio company axed Frankel’s show, B Real with Bethenny, after she threw a fit in VIP at the Coldplay concert in the Hamptons, which was was sponsored by Sirius. The article goes on to claim that Bethenny became annoyed at people blocking her view of the concert, and proceeded to go “to the bar and got a mixed drink and threw it over them.”

The show originally premiered in May on Andy Cohen‘s channel, and after roughly three months, Frankel announced that she’d be taking a summer break and return in September. That never happened.

Despite the reports of Bethenny’s alleged behavior, a Sirius XM spokesperson tells Page Six that the decision to can the B Real with Bethenny had nothing to do with what may or may not have happened at the Coldplay concert.

“When we announced B Real with Bethenny…back in April, it was as a limited-run weekly series. We often work with hosts [on] limited-run series to develop…with the hope they can lead a daily show…That requires a great time commitment from the hosts. Bethenny is busy with Bravo and other projects, and we were unsure whether, in the long run, we could get enough of her time for a five-day-a-week show,” a spokesman said.


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