“Criminals are using social media more than ever before - and the personal information celebrities offer up about themselves is becoming an increasing problem when it comes to safety.

Kim Kardashian has a huge social media profile and those around her should have mitigated those risks and closed the gaps as tightly as possible.

“Whenever we take on a new client we introduce the services of social media monitoring and online reputation management so we can fully understand the risks they may be facing.

“A lot of it is common sense, but the most important thing to remember is that posts should only feature historical data as much as possible.

“Just look at Helen Flanagan . In 2013 she was confronted with armed robbers when she tweeted she was home alone.

“Then last year burglars stole two Rolex watches, credit cards and £400 in cash from the home of Ricky Hatton after he tweeted that he would be away from home appearing on Soccer AM.

“But it’s not just celebrities who need to be careful about what they put online, the general public need to manage what they post about family, assets and routines as well.

Kim Kardashian’s final snap chat before she was robbed in Paris

“If you put your whole life on Facebook , Twitter or Snapchat and tell people when you’ve gone on holiday or gone out, or what you have bought recently, you may as well be leaving your front door wide open.

“Lock your doors - and your profiles and posts.

“Don’t allow criminals the advantage, be smart and stay ahead of the game.”

Via www.mirror.co.uk

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