Get ready to drink Lorelai Gilmore quantities of coffee and bounce off the walls with excitement, because we’ve got some pretty amazing news for you.

That’s right, thanks to Netflix, Luke’s Diner — the home of a bazillion iconic Gilmore Girls scenes — is coming to your town this week. News recently leaked that Netflix would be sponsoring Luke’s Diner pop-ups in a couple U.S. locations in honor of the show’s 16th anniversary, and now it turns out there will actually be 200 Luke’s Diners taking over establishments across the United States and Canada on Oct. 5 — and they’ll all be serving free coffee.

All employees at the pop-ups will be doo-dahed out in full-on Luke’s attire, including official shirts and aprons. There will also be “other Gilmore-esque surprises,” according to Eater Detroit.

The fun starts at 7 a.m. at each location and runs until noon, but you might want to arrive early: Netflix is picking up the tab for 250 cups of coffee per pop-up only, and you can bet your bottom dollar all of the temporary diners will be packed tighter than one of Taylor Doose‘s town hall meetings.

You can check out a complete list of coffee shop locations here.

No word on whether or not Luke, Lorelai or Rory plan on showing up at any of the pop-ups, but if they do, we’ll be more ecstatic than Babette and Miss Patty chewing the fat over some juicy Stars Hallow gossip.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.


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